Wonder who searched “explaining PDD-NOS to an idiot”

My blog is connected to Google Analytics, which lets me see all sorts of stats on who visits this blog. I like to look at “keywords” people use that lead to my blog. One term gave me a pause recently — On February 13, 2011 someone from Florida stumbled upon my blog after googling “explaining [...]

I wish employers DID realize the advantages of hiring mothers (parents)

Miranda Daniloff Mancusi’s 2004 Boston Globe article “For maximum efficiency, call on a mother” is brilliant. It’s not exactly fresh news, but I’d like to share it anyway. I came across it quite by accident; I was interviewing for a job where Miranda works, and as a good job seeker I googled every person with [...]

Can everyone turn into a genius? (about Genius in All of Us, by David Shenk)

I must say up front that I have not read The Genius in All of Us: Why Everything You’ve Been Told About Genetics, Talent, and IQ Is Wrong, by David Shenk. I’m only writing about the Talk of the Nation NPR show “Not Too Late To Tap Into ‘Genius In All Of Us‘” discussing it. [...]

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program

I mentioned research-supported findings about how stress affects physical health and well being in my last post “Worried about my telemers.” Since then, I have attended and completed an anxiety study at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and I’ve learned a few interesting things. It was an interesting experience as well. The study (about which I [...]

Worried about my telemers

I had never heard about telemers until I watched “Stress: Portrait of a killer” on DVD. Sure, I knew before that stress is not good for my physical health, after reading Minding the Body, Mending the Mind, by Joan Borysenko,┬ábut I had no idea that stress in a way damages our DNA (if I understand [...]

Organizing electronic files

Turns out naming electronic files “vision” and “concerns” doesn’t work very well if you have two kids on IEP and they have a new IEP each year, especially if you want to keep the old files intact. Now I’m naming the files as follows “name-year-vision” or “name-year-concerns.” (example: “John-2010-vision”, or “Jane-2010-vision”). That should make it [...]

My other child

Looking at all the back posts I noticed I have not really mentioned my other child — my daughter, who is about five years younger than my son. I was hoping, hoping so hard, she would be typical. But she isn’t… I should have known better. Yet, her challenges are different than those of my [...]

BPA and dental sealants

I had no idea there’s BPA in dental sealants! That’s what a WBUR program reporting on a proposed ban of BPA in Massachusetts says (see “State Wants BPA Ban in Some Children’s Products,” May 12, 2010). Today, while sorting files, I found a brochure about dental sealants I was given when my son’s dentist recommended [...]

Explaining Autism in 5 Minutes

I’ve just recently finished a graduate level communications class for which we had to present two 5-minute presentations. My first talk was about differences between the U.S. culture and other cultures in “smiling rates” and the understanding of when smiling is appropriate. I’ve decided to make my second speech about autism. The big stumbling block [...]

Baking bread and perfect life

My son was invited to a birthday party last week and I had a great conversation with other moms about our school district, about meds, about how we manage stress, and about lots of other things. It was very helpful for my emotional and mental well being to find out they are dealing with similar [...]